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  • Financial Printing Experience for Over 28 Years
  • Official Statement Specialist since 1996
  • Electronic Web Posting and Document Distribution
  • Unsurpassed Customer Service
  • Accurate and timely Production
  • Cost-Effective Pricing
  • Internet Document Center®,

Clements Printing Company LLC Profile

Clements Printing Company LLC is a Privately Held Company founded by John Clements and Judi Clements which began servicing the Municipal Bond market in October, 1996. Before starting Clements Printing Company, both John and Judi had worked individually for large Nationally recognized Financial Printers since 1978 and 1980 respectively. With the development of the computer and the ability to prepare documents internally, the printing of Official Statements became a secondary market for the large financial printers. Clements Printing Company was founded with the intention of servicing this neglected side of financial printing. Since it's inception, Clements Printing Company LLC has printed thousands of Official Statements including both Negotiated and Competitive Issues for many Financial Advisors, Dealers and Underwriters, Municipal Bond Attorneys, and Municipal and Government Agencies. Our cost-effective pricing, exceptional quality, and superior customer service make Clements Printing Company the number one choice among many industry professionals. Our professional staff works with every customer individually preparing their documents for Printing and/or Posting and reviews all distributions to make sure all books are delivered on time. We even offer same-day local deliveries in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for those tight deadlines.

We are also committed to providing you the best in Internet Document Services. After many meetings with key people in the bond market and the change to a more electronic format for the preparation and sale of bond issues, we made the decision to design and develop our Bond Reporting Website to Post Bond Issues to the Internet. This Website which was unveiled in 1999 became one the first and currently one of the only Web Posting services for the Municipal Bond Market. Our website with the Internet Document Center® has been a value add for our financial customers and we are continually upgrading our services and technology to meet the ever expanding needs and requirements of the growing electronic market. We have marketed the sale and use of our Internet Document Center® with building websites for individual Companies to Post their documents through our subsidiary company, Online Disclosure, established in 2002. Billions of dollars of Bond Issues are posted each year on our Websites.

Internet Document Center®

The Clements Printing Company's Internet Document Center® is a proven product when it comes to Web Based Platforms. We have Posted Financial Documents for Issuers, Financial Advisors, and Underwriters since 1999 and have served the Financial Market since 1979. We will provide you with the same Interactive Application Software which has been refined through market critique for years and is SEC compliant. This proven Bond Reporting Website is now available to Underwriters and Issuers for your private use. Official Statements and Continuing Disclosure documents can now be posted on your own Bond Reporting Website. Why spend thousands of Dollars and countless hours developing a website when the professional staff at Clements Printing Company can customize this proven Internet Document Center® right now. Why pay an outside service to Post your Financial Documents on their website when you can have them on your own. We will provide this custom Bond Reporting Website and manage it for you for a fraction of the cost. As a matter of fact, your Cost Center will soon become a Profit Center for your firm. Please visit us at and call John Clements or Judi Clements for more information.

Benefit from our Experience

The professionals at Clements Printing Company have been providing Financial Advisors, Dealers and Underwriters, Bond Issuers and Municipal Bond Attorneys with their financial printing needs for over 20 years. We are sensitive to last minute document revisions and Rule 15c2-12 deadlines facing the municipal market. Our knowledge and understanding of the importance for accurate and timely financial printing assures you a quality product, on time – every time.

Get the most from our Technology

We utilize state-of-the-art technology including high speed digital presses, color digital presses, laser imagery and perfect-binding. Electronic Web Posting and document distribution capabilities are available via the Internet through our Copywrited and Trademarked Web Based Platform. Our equipment and expertise assure you of the highest quality and fastest available turn-around time to successfully complete all of your Printing and Web Posting needs.

Take advantage of our Customer Service

Whether you want to see if a printing quote is in line with other printers, have a question about the printing of your documents or need someone to go that extra mile to get the job done, Clements Printing Company delivers. Our objective is to provide superior Customer Service to ensure your satisfaction.


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